Saturday, January 28, 2012

Painting on bisque


I am experimenting with Golden Gel Mediums

with acrylic paints for a raised effect in this design.

This is the sample piece,

the goal is to create this look on a large piece of ceramic bisque

and have it be mistaken for a vintage french vase!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

You are LoVed

Here is the latest project I am working on,

a pillow shaped ceramic vase I made and glazed on the inside.

After painting the background I began decoupaging with paper and lace,

paint and marking pens.

It is not quite finished yet,

I am looking for small alphabet stamps to add along the ankle line

"you are loved" in walnut colored ink.

This is created for a sweet little girl in the hospital battling cancer.

{ Please keep her in your prayers }

( even better, I found a press on alphabet in chocolate by Fiskars! )

Homage to and inspiration from Julie Nutting's wonderful book!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet heart graphics

Roxy Tee shirt found at T.J. Maxx yesterday with this cool graphic design

printed on the front

but looking like an unfinished pencil drawing without color,

finds its way home with me and ....

I pull out my fabric paints for a pick-me-up,

filling in the background to pop the design,

because I really need another painting project !

Knowing I would most likely be wearing it with jeans

I chose deep blue and began painting in the bottom of the heart design,

and taking creative license, chose to eliminate a few extra flowers

and web designs by painting the dark blue right over top of them.

Then I lightened the blue shade as I worked my way up the design

ending with a beautiful turquoise color at the top.

Sweet! & Valentine's Day is less than a month away!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple Scarf

While viewing Ralph Lauren's fashion week photos

of ready-to-wear for the spring 2012 collection

showing a myriad of beautiful neck scarfs in pastel colors

including peach and baby blue along with flowy chiffon skirts in sherbet-florals,

worn with cashmere sweaters in sunny yellow and apple green.

I'm inspired to take a look through my current collection of scarfs

to see what I have that may emulate the same look.

I find this little number in the same genre

and discover this variegated eyelash thread in a similar colorway.

I can't seem to resist adding a bit of embellishment to give it some texture

using the variegated eyelash thread.

With super easy basting stitches added

this simple scarf can easily transform any ordinary outfit

into something special!

Grateful to have it included in Somerset Life Magazine 


Creative Living Ideas magazine!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Embellishing with Crochet

I totally surprised myself...
I would never have guessed I would take up crocheting.
This is the story of how it came to be...
I found a dusty pink crochet-look sweater, and loving the color, classic styling, and under $25.00 price, had to have it.

Later in the day I popped into Michael's to purchase small alphabet stamps for another project swirling in my imagination. Unfortunately they didn't have any BUT I did meet the helpful and talented Diana sitting at the front of the store demoing a little green yarn crochet flower....that she gifted to me, thank you Diana!

On my way back into town I stop at Big Lots for baby oil, cotton balls, and various sundries and spy this ball of yarn in their craft section. I love the color, do not knit or crochet but feel compelled to purchase it! Really it is all of a dollar and upon returning back to the cottage and unpack, happily realize it blends beautifully with the color of my new sweater!

I pilfer through a vintage sewing basket full of odds and ends remembering seeing a crochet hook in it, and much later that evening, while curled up on the sofa in the sitting room watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey, I attempt to mimic what Diana had been demoing. After several attempts on the sleeve I finally find my rhythm, pull out the practice yarn after jotting down the algorithm that seems to work.

Not being familiar with crochet terms yet it is a bit vague but doable and I begin with the sleeves, and then tackle the long shawl collar the next evening.

There are certainly a few glitches as I struggled with the yarn that had 3 different type threads in it, but I am pleased with the overall look and especially love how the scallop edge adds to its femininity.

I highly recommend


Friday, January 6, 2012

Seashell assemblage

Inspired by the always amusing and creative O.C. Cottage

and her post "Just use it"

I pull out a bowl full of seashells and spread them out across the studio work table

and create this seashell assemblage with them using e6000 adhesive.

...just wanted to share the fun.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year and new opportunities


to connect with friends

write a letter and send it snail mail

view the world with a different perspective

read one of the classics

paint a picture

start a new journal

take more photos

try something new

create an amazing 2012