Thursday, November 22, 2012

Seashore Winter Wonderland

I finally have a day off!
I sleep in, and later while savoring my favorite breakfast, dark chocolate, I take time to listen to the ideas that have been percolating in my imagination for some time now.
I choose to ignore the stacks of paperwork and invoicing that is overtaking the breakfast room table and take myself off to my studio to gather all the bits and pieces that are calling my attention to be part of the seashore themed holiday table decoration.

The little tree below was found @ TJ Maxx $3.50
and perfect to begin with.

Then miscellaneous silver toned foliage is gathered

and fun finds from a local shop in town.

The sea fan and shells are sprayed with silver metallic paint

and lovely glass treasures collected in Venice, Italy are pulled to include

with more seashells

and a some of my own ceramic creations

and a few more bits and bobs that may want to be included

are all gathered and artfully piled on a simple white dish 
and the picture that has been in my imagination
slowly comes to fruition before my eyes,
and then is captured under a glass cloche.

I LoVe when that happens!

The photo above is of the back side.

And a couple close ups for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends,

I am grateful to share the fun and creativity!