Sunday, May 11, 2014

Doily collection

This post came about as my dear friend Meryl and I were talking about her upcoming issue of Romantic Homes, featuring flea markets.

We were discussing how her readers display their treasured collections, and I shared with her some of my ideas and a simple project that I had done using my vintage doily collection that is super easy and fun!

This is what you will need...

a collection of miscellaneous sized doilies 

a solid colored table cloth

thread to match the doily color

sewing needle (optional)



Dress your table with a freshly ironed table cloth.

Beginning in the center and working your way out to each 
end of the table, lay your doilies out so that their edges are just touching.

This is much like working on a jigsaw puzzle.

For this look, you want it to be long and narrow.

When you have them laid out to your satisfaction,

using a needle and thread tie them together with a simple 

double knot.


This keeps them from moving about.

Continue adding until you are satisfied with the result.

I like it, just spilling off the tables edge.

This doily runner could be laid down the center of a solid 

colored  bedspread for added interest, 

when not in use on the dining room table.

Happy Mother's Day!

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