Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Collage creation becomes a greeting card

Knowing art helps heal hearts and lives

I have created a greeting card for a dear friend and fellow creative soul who is

going through a most challenging time right now.

Like most of us she still appreciates snail mail and hand crafted creations.

It may be difficult to see the name of the boat painted on the side.

It's called Free Spirit !

The inside reads,

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily...
( here you need to pause and allow the reader to finish the thought )

and on the left side pasted inside a puffy white clouds

on a sky blue background are the words,


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Missives from Paris

have arrived in this weeks post.

Using the front of envelopes, I continued to play with my new paints.

Then filling them with Paris paraphernalia I chose to mail them
to myself just for the fun of it.

I would have preferred pretty postage stamps, but having left them with the concierge to post I ended up with a Paris metered stamp over pictures of folded airplanes.

They are still fun and the folded plane images are clever.

Fortunately my adorable lover indulges me in my whimsy and creativity.

He surprises me with a ditty that makes me smile, and the necklace,
beautifully and meticulously handcrafted by a French woman,
his Valentine gift to me!



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sennelier art supplies ( Couleurs pour artistes )

On the left bank of the River Seine and directly across from the Louvre Museum is an amazing 123 year old art supply store.
Sennelier's was frequented by Cezanne, Picasso, Degas, and many other famous artists.
It is family owned and operated since 1887.
They create many of their own paints and pastels.

This is pure joy to visit, and a visual delight every where you look.

I came away with Sennelier gouache in Lemon Yellow, Carmine, Cerulean Blue Hue and Titanium white.

Later that afternoon I played with my new paints to see how many different colors I could create with these 3.

I filled one blank page out of my journal before I ran out of time and space on the page.

I love color mixing and the unlimited possibilities !



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paris Valentines

I spotted the charming store front from across the street and was instantly drawn to it.

Upon closer inspection I viewed the perfect Paris Valentine display.

Happy hearts day,
and greetings from Paris,
with love,
XoX p

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marie Antoinette's Hamlet at Versailles

After traipsing through the over-the-top opulence of Marie Antoinette's main residence in Versailles it was a pleasure to walk down the steps and stroll across this amazing historic property over to the charming hamlet she created as her escape from the formalities of Louis XVI's court.

Here she created her own world...

It was so serene, right out of a story book,
it felt a bit surreal to be exploring, and snapping photos to share, with almost no one else around, just the farm animals who didn't seem to mind at all.

Here is my thought as I write this post...
about a woman who lived over 200 years ago.
It seems to me women have been creating their own realities for years,
knowing their own well being and that of their families depended on it.
Charles Lindbergh's wife, and mother of 5 children, Anne Morrow Lindbergh comes to mind and the beloved book she wrote in 1955 the "Gift from the sea".

She understood the need for balance in our lives and time to one's self.
She took herself off to the seashore every year to replenish and nurture her soul.

May we learn from their lives, and enrich our own.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Doorways of Paris

Besides being enamored with the artistic craftsmanship and attention to detail in the architecture of the buildings all over Paris, I seem to have a particular fascination with the uniquely beautiful doorways,

Their size alone gives me pause...

Having me in the photo gives you a better visual perspective of the actual size.
You will need to click on the photos to see the intricate carvings and details.

I believe part of the attraction I feel for these beauties is the symbolic nature of doorways,
that, and my innately curious mind...

To open them and pass through takes courage and a willingness for change in your life.
They may be seen as gateways to another world,
with mysteries that lie on the other side,
and the potential for all kinds of fun new opportunities...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Packing for Paris

I took a break from packing today to take a snap of some favorite wardrobe pieces that are making their way to Paris with me.
Black cashmere coat and scarf, fur trimmed hat and gloves, big bag for traveling with, going out to dinner boots, and an adorable wool sweater.
Who knew photographing black clothing could be so challenging. If the photo is too dark you cannot see any of the lovely details.
If it comes out too light the pieces look grey instead of black. I'll admit I am on a learning curve with this. ( And open to suggestions ) Let's just compromise and even if it looks grey, trust me, it is black. Except the sweater with the ruffled collar, it really is charcoal grey with black embellishment on both collar and cuffs.

I found some 1 1/2" diameter book rings at Staples today that are working beautifully for binding my new travel journal pages together. This way I can pop a couple pages out at a time to work on instead of trying to juggle the chubbiness of it all.
I've also been pulling together art supplies and reading material to pack in my carry on bag for creative amusement on the long flight, but can't seem to find where my mini watercolor set has disappeared to...