Sunday, May 26, 2013

Binders and book covers

This recipe book was being discarded and since I loved the size,

I chose to rescue it and give it a new purpose and a new cover.

I have been experimenting with marbling paper

and that is where my head was at when I began chopping up the little binder.

I had several sheets of treasured marbled paper

that I had purchased while visiting the town and shops of Venice

and decided this was the perfect place to use and enjoy it on a regular basis.

I also had a swatch of blue suede fabric that blended beautifully

 and I sewed it down the center of the paper,

before laying out and cutting a template to fit the rescued acquisition.

Then I began gluing it all down, fold by fold,

and adding new lining to the inside covers as well.

These paper clips became clamps that were needed

 to reinforce the area where the fabric was glued down.

New filler paper was purchased,

 and I now have a new TO DO notebook to keep all the lovely thoughts

 swirling around in my mind in one beautiful place!

I ended up on a creative roll 

and continued covering objects with leftover scraps of paper 

including a fun sketching pencil!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Everything is coming up Roses

Thank you Romantic Home Magazine for including my 
yellow roses in your yearly Rose Issue.
It is such a thrill and honor!

It is a little article showing how this piece is created.

This sweet pink vase was created with the demo.