Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daisy chains and wet clay designs

I am always curious 

and enjoy experimenting and creating new designs.

 I've been playing with vintage lace 

pressed into wet clay dish shapes

just because I can.

I especially like the tiny detail created on the edge of the leaves 

with a seam tracing wheel typically used for sewing.

Pretty cool, right?


Monday, July 14, 2014

Beach time...

A mini vacation, just across the street from the cottage, 
and down a few steps...

Some days it is just the life guard, seashells, 

large stretches of blue sky, warm sand and the sparkling sea.

I usually bring my tattered sketchbook along with me.

And my favorite pencil, a fat stump for shading and an eraser.

On this day the straw bag and flip flops were more interesting than my pink painted toes.

Surprisingly, Sunday afternoon I seemed to have my favorite little cove all to myself.

Other days I have unsuspecting subject matter all about.

 I had just begun sketching 
when this guy jumped up and ran after his toddler.

So I spy someone else and begin again.

I am hidden under a large straw hat with dark glasses 
with the sketch book in my lap.

Most people have no idea what I am up to.

This gal made it so much easier, she was dozing and not moving about.

Mostly it is just for fun and practice 
but every once in a while I like a piece well enough to frame.

This one ended up in the guest house at Summerland Cottage.

This guy was so engrossed in his Clive Cussler novel 
that he made a perfect model.

(Reminder to self, do this more often!)