Saturday, March 21, 2020

Upcycling a tweed blazer during quarantine time

I found a simple wool tweed blazer at a recycle clothing shop, 
and it still being chilly weather, I took it on
as my latest project during quarantine time.

Below is a before photo, of the forlorn-looking jacket, 
so that you can see what I started with.

I began embellishing it with embroidery thread using a simple topstitch, in a complementary color, along the collar, pockets, and front panel.

Then I foraged through my stash of vintage trims and lace,

and found some great treasures to continue the project with!

I chose bits of vintage lace for the cuffs 
and fabulous embroidered fabric 
that I cut out and hand appliquéd into place! 

I had just enough of this ornate vintage trim to embellish one cuff 
and one pocket.

Then I pulled from my stash of embroidered fabrics 
to continue hand appliquéing pieces along the shoulder 
and back of the blazer.

The finishing touches were added after perusing through my button collection for some fun finds.

Did you notice all the additional vintage buttons 
that I added along the front to add quirkiness?

Yeah, that's just my style!