Sunday, June 29, 2014

Butterfly bowls in sherbet colors

I was playing with a lace butterfly appliqué and clay,

and created these charming ceramic bowls in sherbet colors.

This pale turquoise color is my favorite!

Perfect for serving summertime fresh fruits and desserts.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Gate and Garden Tour

I was thrilled to be included in the 

Laguna Beach Gate and Garden Tour this year!

(The photo above is from the souvenir book for this years tour.)

This is my largest ever, creative endeavor. 

Here are a few close ups of my higgledy piggledy

vintage brick wall with ceramic seashells.

    . T Here is a before photo, 

As you can see, there was zero curb appeal when I purchased the property.

It's a good thing I was gifted with this amazing imagination and could visualize 

how charming this would become over time with some creativity. 

I hired a contractor to attach metal screen to the unattractive gunite

 for a base to work off of and to mix the cement.

Then we worked together building a mosaic style facade with

 vintage bricks pulled up from the over grown pathways in the back yard.

 I created ceramic seashells to embellish with along with river rocks

 collected about the property.

(It is an ongoing project as there is another 100 feet to go.)

It's been fun sharing the transformation with the neighborhood.

For a peek at what is on the other side of the wall click here.

And I am sincerely honored to receive the Award of Merit 
from the Laguna Beach Beautification Council
for an outstanding contribution to beautifying Laguna Beach 
with my creative wall.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Inspired by Anthropologies new ceramic dish designs,

       shown here...

I pull out a piece of bisque and some glazes to create

my own version in a turquoise color scheme.

I begin with a quick pencil sketch then begin mixing

 and layering colors and use a darker blue for the outline

 on the fish before putting it in for the final firing.

My fish has his own little personality and was fun to create! 

How cool is that to make your own dishware?

...and the creative roll continues!