Sunday, May 20, 2018

The editor of Somerset home recently asked their readers to send in samples of sand from some of their favorite places, 
wanting to showcase a variety of different sands. 
This photo showcases a charming array of presentations from their latest magazine.

I am continually grateful to live in a historic cottage across the 
street from the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

The little seaside town is Laguna Beach, California. 
It is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego.
It is well known as an artists colony. It has a mild year-round climate with lots of scenic coves and is surrounded by a wilderness park. It is also a marine protected area so the sea life is abundant!
This bottle of treasures came from a cove across the street from the cottage.
I layered the sand then all the tiny seashells, found at low tide that just happened to be exposed the day I found the fun bottle to present them in. There are also bits of colored sea glass and tumbled pebbles all washing ashore together included.
This is a little bit of Divers Cove captured in a bottle.

Grateful to have it included in Somerset Life Magazine!