Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweet and feminine apron design

I have a collection of aprons.

I use them while gardening,

painting, playing with clay

as well as cooking.

I tend to be a messy artist

some of us just "are".

For me it seems the more creative I am

the messier I am.

Here is my sweet new apron design...

girly, feminine & simple.

The fabric reminds me of burlap

but is soft and washable.

I used a vintage button for the closure at the collar

in place of ties at the neck,

and vintage lace with thin satin ribbon threaded through

for gather details at the sweetheart neckline

and on the pockets.

I cut long wide ties for a big fat bow in the back

and lined it for extra durability and body.

And even though it was made with scraps

found about the studio,

I see it more for puttering or cooking

than being abused with wet clay or charcoal from drawings,

at least for a while.

Grateful to have it shared in Apronology Magazine!



  1. your new apron is as cute as can be - I agree with you probably better suited for baking than clay.


  2. Oh! Came here from the link @ Under the Table and Dreaming just to see the aprons. Am now a follower!

  3. That is way too cute for getting all yucky with clay!

    Thanks for joining my BIG blog directory! I hope you check out the multi-blog "search" button.

    You are now registered and I am also following you!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  4. That is so very pretty-well done! I am a messy artist, too, and my aprons tend to be dark blue with lots and lots of pockets. In no time at all they are stained! But I love having all my tools handy all the time.

  5. Now that should make the cover of "Apronology"! ;}

    m ^..^

  6. Love aprons! Yes, agree! So many uses for them but, yours I would display on a door or hook. Too cute.Wear them in good health.
    xxx Liz

  7. Way too cute! Why do anything in it? Just look at it.


  8. Excited to see it and you, very soon! Kellene will love it.