Friday, September 9, 2011

On a creative roll

.I came across several miscellaneous sized scraps of wood

while picking up about the cottage

and as a happy diversion I began gessoing them.

I wasn't really clear as to what I was going to create

or use them for

but it is always good to be prepared

for when the muse arrives.

Maybe it was because there was so much attention

to the size of the 10 foot waves

pounding our local coastline last week,

or because I look out upon it each day

and still I am in awe of its immensity

and how it seems to go on forever.

I began painting ocean scenes

one after another...

with no horizon line or shoreline

just scenes of forever ...

of course I realize acrylic paintings

are not supposed to be matted

or put behind glass

in shadow box frames.

But that is exactly what I chose to do.

Who makes up the rules anyway ?

They would probably be most distressed

to find out that much of the detail on the paintings

was accomplished with a wooden barbecue skewer !


  1. That's right, who cares about the rules when we are creating?? I live on the Gulf Coast and I Love them!! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Paulette! How gorgeous of you to stop by my blog and leave a lovely comment. I'm with you, ... let's break some rules. There are far too many of them around these days. Love your forever ocean scenes. I've added you to my reading list. Donna

  3. these are wonderful! What's more soothing than the ocean? And you did it with a BBQ skewer? wow!!!
    Love it!

  4. How beautiful. I wish I had half your talent!

  5. Rules don't always make sense and if breaking one ends up with something as lovely as this, I say break some more.

  6. Those are absolutely beautiful...break all the rules is you want!!

  7. Thet're incredible! I can see the movement and energy on the sea even through the computer screen! I had no idea you were sooooo fantastic at painting. Wow!


  8. These are just gorgeous! The ocean is such a wonderful place and your paintings captured the waves beautifully! Skewers? WOW!!! That's amazing~great job!!! :)

  9. With creations as pretty as that, all rules are meant to be broken :)