Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plaid Fabric Paints

Besides aprons, I have been known to use my lovers discarded dress shirts

to protect my clothing while painting or life drawing with charcoals.

The only challenge is the sleeves getting in the way

and dragging the charcoal across your masterpiece.


Another shirt was donated to the cause last week

at the same time a box full of Plaid Fabric Paints arrived in the post.

The white shirt just happened to be next to the paints ...

becoming the perfect canvas

for testing out all the new colors!

This gives a whole new take on the saying,

"wearing my heart on my sleeve".

I have a beautiful new color chart down the arm !

Later I may cut it off at the shoulder and create a sack to store the paints in

and that way I'll have the color chart with the paints.

I've been working with a new medium (for me)

a product that doesn't need to be kiln fired

that resembles ceramic clay for a class I've been asked to teach.

It has been most challenging finding a paint that works on the surface

of this product that will give me the look of a ceramic piece.

Frustrated with the results of acrylic paints

I chose to try a fabric paint.

I'm thrilled with the results of the Plaid Fabric Paints I used here

and all the fun color combinations I can create mixing with them!

I used Liquitex gloss medium and varnish as a top coat to get the shine I was going for.

And now I discovered Plaid makes a dimensional paint

that will give a raised surface,

too fun !

I'll try experimenting with this product also

as added embellishments on the seashell charms and bottle stoppers

that the students will be making in class.

Thank you Plaid !

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  1. Oooh, don't they look gorgeous? I like Metallic Blue Plaid the best. I bet that was a lovely job laying them all and having a good look at your stash!!