Thursday, January 7, 2010

Z Gallerie Embellished Wreath


This little number was an after Christmas 1/2 off purchase,

the original price was $12.95.

The 10" wreaths were available in gold and silver

but I was drawn to the silver as there were other components also on sale,

such as the stem with tiny mirrors attached and one with glass globes

that I was able to wire together and add to the wreath

to give it additional fullness.

Then the fun begins,

finding bits and bobs around the cluttered studio

to complete the mini masterpiece and make it an original.

The silver charm bracelet with sea shells and fish

was extricated and dismantled charm by charm

and wired in along with ceramic sea shells

I had made during the summer months

and glazed with luster and platinum glazes.

They became the perfect accouterments to complete the look.

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