Friday, January 29, 2010

Preparing for Paris...

I am creating a new journal to fill while I am in Paris.
I've been pilfering through piles of paraphernalia in search of miscellaneous papers to combine.

I enjoy drawing, especially people, and airports are a great place for quick gestural style sketches, so sketching paper is a must, water color paper too, just in case I find time.
The rest is whatever I find to work with. Much of it is too light to hold up to the stress of travel so I pick up some paint swatch cards to fold and glue on the ends for durability.
With a few snips with decorative scissors we have pretty and practical.
Of course we need to include pockets for the little odds and ends that need a secure place to be tucked away, such as post cards, hotel stationary, match books and maps.
Most of the papers I prefer to leave blank until I reach my destination and the energy there takes over.
I can already envision using the local Paris newspapers classified ads pasted in as the perfect background for a charcoal or graphite rendering of an ancient architectural design.

1 comment:

  1. beautiful papers - they should serve you well - along with all the gorgeous papers you can find while you're there

    to say I'm envious would be putting it too mildly!