Thursday, January 28, 2010

Journal Pages

I'm preparing for a trip to Paris next week.

The lists are growing,
what to take, what to wear...

and I promised my self that I would create a new journal, just for Paris

I learned not so long ago (1994)
that a typical bound book was not created for the type of journaling I did.
The binding broke within 2 months and the pages splayed out 5 times the width of the binding.

Thank God it came with a little elastic strap to pull itself together.

Inspired by Katherine Hepburn's quote,

"Go out and have a life that's is full of adventure and fun."

I did just that !

At the time I called it my visual journal.

This is before the days of scrap booking as we know it.
There were no cool papers to purchase or fun scissors for trimming.

Enjoy the snaps, and a glimpse into my past

I'm off to prepare some new pages for my Paris adventure.


  1. love the way this looks - looks like you were a forerunner of the art journaling craze

    have a fun trip - can't wait to read all about it

  2. I'm so loving loving loving this...I'm so NOSY! This is going to be a great blog...A glimpse of you! BTW the colors with the flowers are really beautiful and calming! xoxo d.