Monday, April 6, 2015

Mosaic glass and ceramic seashore themed tree

I found the basic block wood tree at TJ Maxx and more.

It had a quirky lean to it even though it stood tall and strong.

Something about its simplicity and shape pulled me in 

even before I saw that it was marked down to $9.00

 It hung out with me in the cottage studio and bits of this and that visited

 just to see if they were compatible 

and what creative direction we would be taking.


It began to come together with some cool glass tile pieces leftover 

from a back splash in turquoise and blues 

and a few of my latest color tests on tiles 

in analogous colors cut into strips to fit in.

Bits of sea glass, ceramic seashells, pearls and even a few stray

 buttons, bright colored marbles all found a new home.


Here are a few fun closeups...


Thrilled to share the fun in Somerset's Holiday issue!



  1. Love the colors & all the textures! Don't you just adore the "process" of creating?

  2. Beautiful…. I love what you did with it.