Sunday, April 12, 2015

Paul de Longpré

The self taught artist Paul de Longpré was my inspiration 

to take up watercolor painting.

I fell in love with a large watercolor painting of roses, 

bumblebees and butterflies that I had the joy of viewing 

at the Irvine Museun years ago.

What a pleasure to spy one of his originals 

currently on display just inside the 

entrance to the  Laguna Art museum.

It is the inspiration for my latest ceramic creation currently being fired.

When it comes out of firing any touch up needed will be done and a clear finishing glaze.

Then it becomes the perfect serving piece for the annual 
Art in the Garden Party 
held here each May at Summerland Cottage.

Paul de Longpré (1855–1911), was a French painter of flowers.
He was born in Lyon, France in 1855
 In 1876, at 21, he first exhibited at the Paris Salon. 
De Longpré arrived in Southern California with his family in 1899. He found inspiration in the 4,000 rose bushes he planted on his 3 acre Hollywood estate.


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  1. I can see why you would be inspired by that painting as an inspiration piece. I wish I was closer to your area -- art in the garden sounds wonderful!