Saturday, January 11, 2014

Romantic gifts

Thank you to Meryl and Jacqueline at Romantic Homes Magazine for asking me to share the creativity with their readers in their Valentine's issue!

Create truly unique and romantic gifts with this simple clay project.
Whether it is for your Valentine or a special gift, or just because...
These small treasures are sure to please and super easy to make 
using clay and simple tools found about the house.

Rolled out clay and a few supplies are all it takes to create one of a kind gifts.
Use your decorated pieces as an ornament to attach to a gift card 
or enclose with a letter or use as gift tags.
Or attach a ribbon and hang it on your loved ones door.

What you'll need:

Paint sticks
Rolling pin
Scissors or knife
Paint or glaze
Lace (optional)
Stamps (optional)
Ribbon (optional)


Roll out clay ⅛ th of an inch thick
Cut into desired shapes
Fire or bake according to manufacturers instructions
Decorate with color
Add embellishments


Roll your clay between 2 paint sticks to make it even
Use varying size straws to cut holes for a lacy look
Roll lace over clay for a fun texture
Use your decorative scissors for unusual cut edges
Cookie cutters are great for cutting shapes
A dull pencil works beautifully for drawing borders or writing
Stamps are great fun to use with this project, pressing them into the clay for the impression
Attach ribbons or weave in and out through the holes

I see endless possibilities...


  1. These are so sweet - I might try this with paper clay!

  2. These are fabulous -- and a reminder that I have to get myself in gear to make some valentines and pretties. It sneaks up on you, doesn't it?! I love the idea of using the straw and the decorative edged scissors! I think I need to schedule a play day! Thanks!

  3. You are so talented Paulette! Thank you for sharing your project with us. Ciao Rita

  4. So happy to see you in the newest issue!

  5. So very clever and cute! Congrats on being published! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Lorraine

  6. These are beautiful!!
    Visiting via Pink Saturday :0)