Saturday, April 20, 2013

Decoupage Seashell Frame

I was happily surprised when my neighbor Stephanie invited me 
over to her home for an informal craft party this afternoon.

I wasn't sure what to expect, 
she takes X-rays all day long and I had no idea she was into art.

She mentioned she had picked up some acrylic paints and 
wooden frames at Michael's on sale.

So I went back to my studio and collected some of my favorite

 decorative napkins to share with the other women who were 

coming together for some creative fun.

The pretty napkins were a big hit!

It made the play date so much less intimidating to the new artists.

Decoupage was a word they had not heard before.

I shared how to pull the napkins apart and carefully rip around the 

images they wanted to use on their frames and layout the designs.

Some stamped letters and painted the background with paints, 

others left the natural frame and did a color wash on top the images.

Then I showed them how to decoupage the images in place with 

good old fashioned white glue watered down and using a paint 

brush starting in the center and working our way out to release any

 air bubbles.

They were thrilled with the results. 

 I am sorry I hadn't brought my camera to catch photos of all the creativity and fun.

I have only my example to share with you today.


  1. Well your example is so pretty sitting next to the napkin that you used. I love to decoupage too. Thanks for sharing a fun idea. Maybe I should make a trip to Micheal's. And thanks for your sweet comment at Something Special.

  2. How utterly beautiful!!! You must share a tutorial on how to make those. What lovely gifts they would make and I would love to try my hand at some. How kind of you to share your stash and experience with all the others.

  3. Oh your frame turned out so beautiful!

  4. Oh my word, how fun is this. I love the frame. Thanks tons for joinig Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  5. Darn... I wish I'd been there to play!!! LOVE the frame. I'm such an OCEAN girl! I have the mermaid napkins & HORD them. I SHOULD use them. Thanks for inspiring me!