Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pink sweatshirt weather

The past 2 weeks it has been raining and drizzling in So. California

a nice change from the intense heat a few weeks ago.

I decided I needed a classic pink hoodie for early evening cardio along the beach

( pink being a favorite color )

and fortunately, I found this simple cotton Nike number

( perfect except the inside lining next to the zipper
kept flapping out by the collar and bugging )

The solution was to re purpose a sweet pink paisley cotton shirt

as the new lining

After lining the front of the sweatshirt

I used the collar cut in 1/2 for the new hood ties,

and the cuffs were gathered and used as embellishment on the pockets

a pretty pink button added to the zipper

and I am thrilled with how girly it turned out !

and another bonus, it washes beautifully !!!
LoVe It !


  1. Adorable! Pink and altered! I've got to get back to running. You're inspiring me, Paulette : )

  2. That is absolutely darling!! Can you come over and "repurpose" my closet?

  3. I {LOVE} it, too. What a cute way to foof up a sweatshirt. Freckled feature tonight!


  4. I love this! Pink is such a great color :)

  5. How darling. What a creative sweatshirt- what girl would not want to wear this?