Saturday, October 23, 2010

The gift of a letter

lasts forever...

I came across a photo I had taken years ago of my dear friends writing desk.

It was styled and featured in a photo shoot for Romantic Homes Magazine.

I had created a fresh floral arrangement to set next to the photo of her Mother.

There was her antique writing box and a stack of treasured letters tied up with ribbon.

This snapshot holds good memories and much has changed in her life.

I made color and black and white copies of the photo in varying sizes
and created personal stationary using watercolor paper and envelopes,
vintage tags and paper doilies.

Then packaged them in an embellished box and sent them through the post,
snail mail to her temporary home, as a sweet surprise.



  1. what a wonderful suprise for pretty!

  2. Very cute...I need to get my papers and pens out again. Too many crafts, too little time. I wish I could be a hermit and just concentrate on all of the "fun" stuff in life. Would be nice!