Monday, April 23, 2018

Fabric covered hanger

Feminine fun with scrap fabric

I have a wonderful stash of favorite discontinued drapery fabric sample swatches that I've stacked in my art studio.

I chose to pull out a favorite white linen with a blue rose floral to create a hanger cover for my new blue blouse with a wide collar so that it wouldn't slip off the hanger.

It was super easy. I just laid the hanger on the backside of the fabric and traced the outline of the top of the hanger 3/4 of an inch above it. Then I copied that creating a second and cut them both out.
With right sides pinned together, I sewed them together leaving the opening at the top center and doing a basic hem along the bottom.
Putting the right side out I tucked the top center opening in and pressed the piece flat.

The ruffle of the same fabric I added just for fun and to jazz up the bottom.

I'm thrilled to have it included in Greencraft 
magazines summer issue!


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