Saturday, March 31, 2012

Washed Ashore

I believe most artists are inspired by their surroundings.

Living in a vintage cottage a few steps from the seashore
where we are no longer allowed to remove or take the seashells
is what encouraged me to create my own collection of ceramic shells
using various clays and glazes.

I have amassed a pretty amazing collection
over the years that I embellish with.

I also use them in mosaics, gift them to friends, barter with them
and as you see here create jewelry with them.

For this piece I used a scrap of fabric in ocean colors that I cut 10 inches long by 4 inches wide and folded it in half lengthwise with right sides together.
Then sewed a half inch seam along the length of it then turning it right side out I tuck the unfinished ends back into each side.
Next I cut a piece of 1 inch wide elastic to fit my wrist and slid it in with a safety pin and sewed one side down before stretching through to the other side and attaching the elastic down before I slid one side into the other and sewed it closed completely.

This is when the fun begins...
pull out your collections of buttons, beads, and baubles
and beginning with the largest pieces either use fabric glue
to attach them into place or sew them down,
and then continue by filling in around them
with buttons, pearls and beads.

I am the kind of artist that will use anything handy
so I've used dental floss to attach the pearls,
colored embroidery thread
for beads and even clear fishing line.

There are bits of plastic, ceramic pieces, glass
and pearls from a broken necklace and combined altogether
they create a wrist embellishment a mermaid may have lost
that was discovered when it washed ashore.


  1. Paulette the seashells are so beautiful! Love the color and the glaze. Ciao Rita

  2. Love the ceramic shells. So gorgeous!!

  3. I love your ceramic shells. and your bracelet is too cute.


  4. Absolutely lovely. I remember seeing this in person! Gorgeous! Oh the colors are ones I love! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. Fabulous colors and shapes! Love your creativity!

  6. And you know how much I love your shells!! Gorgeous colors – that first photo is a work of art in itself.

    Hope you are well, dear. V busy here and will be traveling soon. xo

  7. I am visiting from Anne's blog! I love the beautiful ceramic shells and then to see them in a bracelet...gorgeous!