Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Satchel

I LoVe blank canvases, blank books with no lines
and thick stacks of plain white paper.

To me they represent new beginnings.

So when I was gifted with this simple canvas satchel
and asked to decorate it,
my imagination went on overdrive with the possibilities.

I considered covering it in tapestry with corduroy
and a patchwork of fall colors.

Then the idea of using Sherpa suede with a wide tapestry trim in coordinating colors and vintage button detailing ...

or sewing a pocket inside for storing my paint brushes
and paint a color chart with labels of the various colors
on the outside as reference,the perfect tote for plein air painting.

Any of these would be great,
but last week I was inspired by the fabric paints
left out on the studio table
along with a collection of amazing seashells that caught my eye
and so I chose to paint a summer satchel
for the sun filled days of summer.

Perfect for toting my water bottle,
sun screen, sketch book and towel.
I added the hand crafted ceramic seashell
key chain as a fun little accent and
for easy access to the cottage house key
and the wide turquoise braid
seemed to be the perfect border for the painting.


  1. so delightful! I thought the shells were real at first glance. Enjoy!

  2. Oh I love your artful beach bag Paulette!

    Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading my little story about the apron I created.:))
    I shared my apron at a vintage market place today in Riverside...they loved it and my Mom sold a lot of her sealah no sew tape for others to re-create what I made.

    Have a blessed weekend,
    Kay Ellen