Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday decor

Welcoming the holidays with a wreath,

inside or outside the home

is perfect for the beginning of fall season

right through the holidays.

On this traditional style wreath

I especially liked using rose hips instead of the

traditional berries

and the quail rather than a dove.

For a coordinating look in the dining room,

cut a burlap runner and layer it over a white tablecloth

then create a garland down the center

with similar greenery and embellishment.

Consider embellishing with burlap roses with pine cone centers,

and quail eggs with found feathers.

Holiday decorating continues around the cottage...


  1. Hi Paulette, I love your door wreaths, the top one has a California holiday feel to it. It reminded me of my front door wreath a few years ago. A mother bird made a nest in it. I couldn't figure out why I kept hearing birds. After about a week, I realize that every time I opened my front door, they were actually in my living room.

  2. What a gorgeous wreath, I love the elements you've used for it! I specially love the bird nests, too lovely! Have a great week. FABBY

  3. These are beautiful! I really like the natural look they have, the colours and the mixture of materials.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. Have a great week, Love from London xo

  4. Burlap rocks! Love how you use it to tie together the different wreaths in your house. You're a styling blogger. Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas. ~CJ

  5. These are incredible! So beautiful... Thanks for sharing them. Glad you came to visit my blog so I could find yours :)

    Again, thanks for your sweet comment,