Friday, June 17, 2011

Latest little lovely

ceramic vase with flowers added on by dipping the fabric in slip.

I am so loving this all matte white finish

in its bisque state

that I am having a difficult time deciding on what color glazes to use on it

so I am putting it out there

for my readers and followers to make suggestions !


  1. i just adore looking at your work at these different stages! maybe it's because there's that bit of turquoise in the photo background, but I am just feeling that blue with this piece! inspiring as always!


  2. Exquisite! I love the shape of the rose. Your palette choices are always wonderful -- can't wait to see this finished!!

  3. I've been waiting to see how your dipped fabric roses would come out.It was worth the wait! I love the white, but look forward to seeing it with color also.

  4. This is really beautiful. Looking forward to see the finished piece. Welcome the the All Kinds of Artists Blog Hop!
    Hugs and blessings

  5. So pretty. I love this piece raw & unglazed but I'm sure I'll love it just as much glazed. I appreciate your friendship & linking up every time you have something so how about yellow roses? :)

    Thanks for linking with Air Your Laundry Friday! xo Jami

  6. Really cool, and an innovative idea. The flowers are realistic and beautiful.

  7. gorgeous! i love the simplicity of the matte white.

  8. I wonder which colours did you use ultimately? I'd have liked a pale blue, but one in yellow, and the vase in dusky rose perhaps, or ivory.