Friday, June 24, 2011

70's inspired vintage top

I stopped by the Nordy's in Fashion Island to peruse & shop.

It's there I discovered this 70's inspired vintage looking blouse,

and as a seamstress was most impressed with all the details,

especially with the price being under $40.00 !

I loved all the tiny french tucks in the front and the beautifully

embellished lace on the 3/4 sleeves and hem.

I wondered why there was no detail at the collar.

Did the designer chose to leave it plain on purpose

or was it a conscious decision to meet a certain price point ?

Maybe I've been watching too much of the show

"All on the Line " on the Sundance channel.

Either way, in my world I felt it needed a little something more.

Upon arriving home with my treasured new purchase

I began foraging through my cluttered studio for that special something.

As it turned out an old tablecloth being discarded by a friend

who no longer found it beautiful or useful was the perfect piece.

Though the delicate linen fabric center had worn thin

and was torn, fortunately most of the wide lace edging was still intact.

I carefully removed it and then reattached it

along the collar line of my

new acquisition to give it that extra detail I had envisioned !

Someone many years ago

spent to a lot of time creating this beautiful lace edging.

I am thrilled to give it a whole new life!

photo credits Stampington & co.
featured in Belle Armoire summer 2011

Read more about the other top here


  1. Well, obviously, Aziz just didn't have the "vision" that you do! It's so vintage!

    m ^..^

  2. Girlfriend, you are soo talented!! Love your work. Glad to see it getting out there via Stampington. Looking forward to getting together