Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sharing is good

Yesterday I had the good fortune of having the opportunity to share Summerland

Cottage as a location, with an amazing group of artists, who asked to use the guest

cottage and gardens at Summerland for a Body Glove bathing suit photo shoot.

Even the weather was participating with 80+ degrees

and cool ocean breezes in November!

The swimsuit designers Carolyne Deshaies and Alicia Barrett met their photographer

Dominic flown in from Canada, along with the talented and inspired makeup artist

Dehx from Huntington Beach California to bronze and beautify the models,

Elizabeth Crompton from Los Angeles and Tyrie Rudolph who flew in from Florida.

Here the models pose in front of one of my largest creative ventures

at the entrance to Summerland Cottage

a higgledy piggledy vintage brick wall with my ceramic seashells

embedded throughout

it is more than 60' long and over 10' tall

Life is good!

 Tyrie liked this photo I snapped of her well enough
to use as her new face book profile photo.

The cooperative creative energy with all the varying artists was amazing,

everyone had such fun working together

it was a great day and new friendships were made...

you could say it was magical!


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