Monday, November 8, 2010

Alley find

we have a wonderful tradition in my little town,

when you are over something,

{ no longer having a need or desire to own it, and it's still useful or beautiful }

instead of putting it in the garbage to overflow our landfills

we set it out in the alley for another to discover and take home to treasure,

re purpose or share.

actually my neighbor spied this little beauty

brought it home and gifted it to me

Thank you Thomas !


  1. Thank you for stopping by! That bird house is amazing. I just adore the colors. Happy Tuesday to you!

  2. Hello Paulette, Love the birdhouse. I should mosaic some more! Years ago that's all I did. I had the time and I do miss it. What a great gift. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. OMGosh love it..I use to make mosaics..labor intensive!