Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cashmere sweater weather

It was pretty, pink and a favorite that I inadvertently shrunk.

Fortunately the new size of the sweater was a perfect fit for my adorable

7 year old neighbor who was thrilled with the cozy pink acquisition.

When she out grew it she returned it for me to create a warm wrap

for her tiny tea cup chihuahua,

cutting off one sleeve and adding a little soft pink netting

for a girlie collar ...too cute!

There was still plenty left, that came in handy,

for creating sea shell ceramic pin cushions,

and later a hand painted and beaded flower pin.

Re purposing is good!


  1. Yes, repurposing is good...especially when you are able to create so many things out of ONE sweater. Those pin cushions are especially adorable. Thank you for sharing!