Monday, February 8, 2010

Doorways of Paris

Besides being enamored with the artistic craftsmanship and attention to detail in the architecture of the buildings all over Paris, I seem to have a particular fascination with the uniquely beautiful doorways,

Their size alone gives me pause...

Having me in the photo gives you a better visual perspective of the actual size.
You will need to click on the photos to see the intricate carvings and details.

I believe part of the attraction I feel for these beauties is the symbolic nature of doorways,
that, and my innately curious mind...

To open them and pass through takes courage and a willingness for change in your life.
They may be seen as gateways to another world,
with mysteries that lie on the other side,
and the potential for all kinds of fun new opportunities...


  1. how on earth does one open one of the behemoths?
    can I copy some of your door photos to use in my collages? credit will be given of course
    and I understand completely if you say no

  2. the doors are awesome!

  3. I really love the blue doors :) of course, they need to move the no parking sign or whatever it is

  4. I've always loved the doors, too! I especially love it when they're open and you can see inside the courtyards. Several years ago I went to a fancy party inside one of those sets of doors right off Champs Elysèe....and WOW...what a courtyard that was!

  5. I did not pay attention on door before. Today after following your journey in Paris then I start to love and feel it. Through the picture seems each door has it's own long story to tell......

  6. Wow -- look at that carving and detail -- they are art masterpieces. And I am dazzled.

    This is fun -- Where the comment box fell is by the Somerset issue (10-12/2011) -- I have that very issue in my bathroom (don't ask) and now I must figure out which bit of beauty is yours!