Friday, December 21, 2018

Simple canvas tote


Painted using the detail from a manhole cover 

at the Sawdust Winter Fantasy!

I began by choosing a plain canvas bag and then combing colors
 for a custom blend.

Below is a photo of me rolling the paint colors over the metal cover.

Then I inserted cardboard into the bag and used a rolling pin

 to achieve the fun look!


I had an old shirt that was the perfect plaid colors to line it with, 

and it even had pockets on the front 

that were perfect to have inside for your phone and keys.

So, I chopped it up, added some vintage turquoise rick-rack,

just for fun, and sewed it together!

Some simple stitches with embroidery thread added to the design 

and one of my ceramic fish was sewn into the center for a focal point!

Making magic with mixed media!


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