Monday, July 8, 2013

Coastal Design Towels

I couldn't resist the purchase.

It felt like I stepped back in time, 

and had found a page pulled from a children's coloring book.

I had to have it!

Of course anyone who knows me

knows it is one of my favorite subject matters.

 I could hardly wait to get home and pull out the fabric paints

 and fill in the lines with color.

I think the fish needs a little touch up before 
I gift it to a friend who stopped by today and admired it.

It's always good to take time to play!


  1. Oh, Paulette -- I love how you filled it in! We're an odd lot, aren't we creatives -- we have no qualms about painting on something new or tearing out a page in a book for the cause! I love it!

  2. Fun, bright, so pretty! You brought it to life.