Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yarn Vase

...another ceramic creation,

actually mixed media.

It is a new design, and it is like nothing I have seen before,

I am making up the name "yarn vase" it seems to work.

Using a scrap of fabric dipped in clay to embellish the vase

and twisting it about to create the leaf and stem,

next a small cotton doily also dipped into clay for the flower,

then a vintage button mold pressed with clay for the center.

( Here is the photo before firing. )

The inside and bottom are glazed so that

it can be used for a fresh flower arrangement also.

For the exterior, I chose to use acrylic paint for the pale turquoise blue

background and added pink paint on the ceramic flower.

The design was done with a creative cut out

of the clay around the flower petals, before firing,

for the yarn to be pulled through,

and keep it from running amok,

as I am pulling at the yarn while teaching myself to crochet.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I love this vase! What a great idea for a mixed media project. :-)

  2. How talented and creative you are. The vase is lovely.

  3. This is such a neat project, I like the two mediums together.

  4. How wonderful to combine the two mediums-the end result is amazing.


  5. I've never seen anything like it! So clever and beautiful! Love it!

  6. Just received my June Romantic Homes and there you are!! Love the spread. Congratulations ~