Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simple Summer Slipcover

I needed to cover the classic white sofa in the sitting room,

the solution...

created with the purchase of 2 matelasse king size quilts

( I chose the matelasse because it was so thick and durable )

brought it home and laundered in very hot water

and then dried it on high for major shrinkage,

and sent it out to the upholsterer to create this slip cover.

He did a great job on fit,

and the best thing is

it washes and dries beautifully

and no ironing is needed

and it slips right back on !

Perfect for summer entertaining!


  1. It looks fabulous. What a great idea. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh I love it! What a terrific idea.

    Hugs XX

  3. That looks great. I'm going to France in two weeks and hope I can find some interesting fabrics to make slipcovers, too. Glad to see your post...ideas! xo Jenny

  4. It's beautiful! I had white matelasse slipcovers in my family room for years and I loved how I could just wash it and use bleach if necessary on the stains. The stretch was ideal too, it always eased into place. I enjoyed your blog, I hope you will stop by and visit mine sometime too! :)


  5. That's fantastic! The upholsterer has done an awesome job! And I bet you can relax now if your friends want to sit there with a glass of red wine!!


  6. Wow, magic a brand new sofa. I love your idea of the fabric choice. I need one so bad but finding someone to do it is tricky. Looks like your guy does great work. Thanks for sharing, Kathy

  7. Oh how I love slipcovers. Loving the texture on that one.


  8. Brilliant Girl you are. The sofa cover is stunning and I adore the flowered pillow too.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  9. I just love the idea of using something quilted to create slipcovers. Very lovely results.
    best, nadia