Friday, July 1, 2011

Shelves and collections

Friends were having conversations

with each other about collections

which is what sparked my imagination for this post.

Where do you keep your treasured personal photos ?

and the hat box overflowing with love poems ?

possibly in a bookshelf behind beautiful glass cabinet doors,

under lock and key?

Shelves are perfect for showing off our collections

or adding an extra dimension to a wall.

This shelf was added as a structural element in the sitting room

to store a few antique leather bound beauties away from the sunlight.

Here the top shelves of the welsh cabinet

in the breakfast room are used

for displaying a few favorite antique tea cups and saucers.

And these shelves in the powder room are perfect

for showing off a collection of vintage perfume bottles.

Colored glass vases are always happy in a window !

The Italian ceramic collection is in easy reach

displayed on the top shelf of the 40's O'Keefe and Merritt Stove.

Here vintage sewing paraphernalia and baskets reside on this narrow storage shelf.

Then there is the crammed shelves in my art studio

wall to wall glass shelves

overflowing with my own ceramic creations.

Childhood mementos are stored above the loft window.

Vintage bird cages and baskets are throughout the cottage,

but these call your attention perched on top the living room bookshelf.

Another shelf is created on a pony wall by adding

crown moldings on both sides with a flat board topping them.

You probably shouldn't get me started on boxes or books...

or this post may never end.


  1. Wow...your shelves and collections are wonderful. I would love to see your house in real....I would be squealing with delight!

  2. Oh my! I love all of your treasures and your studio is fabulous!

  3. Simply gorgeous. And what a lovely workspace too.

  4. Great photos and post!

    So glad I found you through the “All Kinds of Artists” Artist blog hop!
    I am your newest blog follower. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

    Mary C. Nasser

  5. Holy Cow! You have beautiful collections! Wow! Who dusts it all? That would be some job!

    I'm your newest follower. Found you via Kim's blog.

  6. I love your collections. I love your house. I loved seeing it all again, sigh! I feel very lucky to have seen it in person, my friend. :) xoxo

  7. I love your style...I like to decorate with lots of things too and have several collections. Your displays and vignettes are each gorgeous, so is your cabinet full of your creations. Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


  8. Oh my, you do have such beautiful collections and you have everything displayed so beautifully. I loved seeing it all. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love that shot of the window looking out to the ocean! Love your house and of course, always, the books!!!

  10. I adored looking through your fabulous collections.You certainly have a knack for arranging things. One should rent your services!


  11. love the old bird cages on top of your cabinets!

  12. Thank you so much for coming to my Kiychen Favourites party. I'm so glad you decided to link up because I haven't been to your lovely blog before. I LOVE all your shelves and collection. They're gorgeous!!

    I've signed up as your new follower!


  13. The cabinet full of pink and blue is FABULOUS! I love all your collections but that picture took my breath away. Thanks for sharing at the Open House party this week.

  14. i absolutely LOVE these ideas .... beautiful photos that are sooo relaxing ... thank you
    Penny Lane

  15. Wow! What an inspiration you are!!

  16. The room upstairs by the window with the ocean breeze is one of my favorite spots in your house! Oh it's precious!

  17. Do you teach your ceramic methods??? I ADORE all your beauties of the sea!