Monday, December 20, 2010

Custom Christmas Card

Created for a favorite client.

Licensed as an interior designer I often find my job description changing,

according to the clients needs and desires.

Most of the time I am creating blue prints for construction needs

and scheduling contractors to follow through,

selecting all the materials whether it is the shower hardware

or flooring or fabrics...

I love what I do, as each client is a new adventure and unique challenge.

I had the opportunity to help this client find a new home

and while he was out of town remodel and move all his belongings in,

adding new pieces and even decorating his home for the holidays.

Thrilled with the results upon his return,

he asked to contract my services to assist him in planning a holiday open house.

( not finding anything appropriate )

This is the water color card I created for his party invitation.

He loved it, his friends upon arrival at the party wowed

as they realized it was his home on the front of the card.

The party was a huge success!

I am so blessed & grateful to make a living at what I love doing !


  1. your talent is just amazing to me!

  2. What a cool card! And what personal service you offered!

  3. beautiful painting Paulette
    I'd love to see photos of the house interiors too
    Merry Christmas

  4. Thank you Sherry,

    Most of my clients would not be thrilled to have me sharing their personal space on the Internet.
    Especially this one, though he was pleasantly surprised that I had painted his home.
    Very few of them even know I am an artist, and none know that I blog !
    Unfortunately there is often the belief with clients that I would design "my personal style" for their home, which I have never done as I don't know anyone as beautifully eccentric as I am.
    My gift as an interior designer is understanding the client and how they live and being able
    to create a personal space just for them.
    Fortunately they allow me to do what I do best and return home with big smiles and the joy
    that comes when you walk into a room that just speaks to your soul.

  5. O.K. you are living my dream life. What a cute idea for an invitation. I was hoping we would get a tour. I am sure it is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you did so I could find you, too. Have a wonderful Christmas!


  6. That painting is stunning. Well done!

    Merry Christmas,

  7. This is a wonderful idea, and beautiful painting, Paulette. Very special for your client to have. Amazing creations!