Monday, September 27, 2010

1st Time Give away

I had to go inland for work this morning and

Oh My Goodness
108 degrees just 1/2 a mile inland from my cottage.
So thankful to be home and in the shaded court yard.
It is just past noon and here at Summerland Cottage in Laguna Beach the temperature is 78 degrees with cool ocean breezes.

I am so grateful !

Having empathy for all the local inlanders in this crazy heat,
I have come up with an unusual blog give away,

A one night stay in the guest cottage for this Saturday October 2nd 2010.
Check in @ 11 a.m. check out Sunday October 3rd @ 5 p.m.
The cost (is $1.00 to the winner only ), see details of the cottage on site below.

To enter leave a post under comments.

The winner will be selected and notified on Friday October 1st by 8:00 p.m.

You can view more photos and details of the guest cottage here.

Description below and stories of Summerland Cottage by Julie Nutting can be viewed at

One day last week I went to Laguna Beach to spend the day playing with my friend Paulette.
I can't even begin to describe her home. This historical seaside cottage is just a few blocks from the charming village of Laguna. Paulette's talents as an interior designer are very apparent as you walk through this delightful home but it's her gift as an artist that just makes my jaw drop. Her cottage is like a candy shop. You don't know if you want to look at the pink candy or the green candy. You don't know if you want to taste cherry, lemon or lime. There are so many flavors you just simply don't know which way to turn. One thing is for certain, you are filled with inspiration and you want to go back for seconds and thirds.


  1. ~*~*Oh how lovely!Such an amazing giveaway too..I have never been to Laguna..would love to win!!~* ;) Rachel

  2. Too bad you're so far away, because your drawing is wonderful and also the 2nd of October is my birthday. You have a beautiful place. Thanks and Congratulations

  3. Wow . . . such a generous giveaway. I'm in Portola Hills and mentioned it was 108. We're only 25 min. from you and such a difference. Whew. Hoping we all stay cool. Thanks for the chance . . . so sweet and generous!

  4. Please enter me in your amazing contest.I would LOVE to spend the night and day in Laguna. Thank you for your very generous give away!

  5. What a generous gift that you are offering. If I were to receive this, it would be with an open heart. I wish you love, happiness, passion and adventure. I am an artist and work as a principal of a school in Garden Grove. Love your work!

    Take care,

  6. Thank you for your kind giveaway. What a dream to stay in Laguna..such a beautiful cottage..... I signed up for a follower.
    I lost all my oil paints and French Easel there once during a painting class...funny..left it near a bush..while running off to a wonderful lunch..forgot..

    It is so special to paint there...I love it.

    And my husband would play beautiful music. Hope to win. I come down to see my son once a year.