Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Platinum jewelry pieces

created with clay,

using platinum luster,

looking like little silver adornments from the sea ...

These little gems were inspired by my surroundings

and my fascination for the sweet finds glistening in the sunshine

discovered on the wet sands of the seashore.

For this project I began by sculpting a mould out of clay using typical sculpting tools
and a dull pencil lead for grooved details.

Once it is done it is fired and I then have a mould to work off of.
I created numerous press moulds that can be used repeatedly.

Rolling a small ball of clay in your palm and then pressing it into the mould,
then pulling it out gently and setting it aside to let it dry completely before firing.

After the 1st firing I added a clear glaze and re fired.

Then it is ready for the platinum luster glaze application and the final firing.


Now the possibilities are endless...

they can become jewelry pieces such as the lapel pin

using a magnet to attach it to clothing

( so as not to harm delicate fabrics )

or by attaching jewelry findings they can become necklaces,

charms for bracelets or key rings.

They also make wonderful decorative buttons!


playing with package design ideas

using paper scraps found about the studio

Being curious about everything and living to create
there is always a new projects covering my large studio work table
that faces out to the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

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