Thursday, June 3, 2010

Black and White

I've been creating with a limited color pallet,

but using various glazes, on my ceramic designs

including india ink, crackle glaze & chalkboard paint.

Here are a few of them.

This was a gift of gratitude I made last year,

using chalkboard paint on the center of the bisque vase shape.

I cut holes in the design for knitting needles before firing,

so she could use it to keep her yarn in place.

I glazed the inside and base so it could also be used to hold fresh flowers.

And I used a crackle glaze on the exterior and then added black india ink to the cracks.

The center I painted with chalkboard paint so she could add in

a favorite quote or saying as she wished.

The card was a charcoal rendering of a favorite shoe design

I created just for her...

( The gal loved the color scheme of black, white and red,

she enjoyed needle crafting, writing, and had a passion for shoes )

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  1. Wow...I just love the could put your yarn in the pot as well if you didn't want to put a plant into it. I also like it as a paint brush/water pot where you could place a cup inside for your water and rinse your brushes and then set them out to dry once you've rinsed them. It might encourage me to take better care of my Do you sell these? I'd be curious to know how affordable. Thanks, Roberta (
    Visiting via Chalk Talk...have a wonderufl week.